About Us

since 2016

Welcome to BOLAN restaurant Sawasdee… Welcome our clients to experience some of the finest Thai cuisine around. We believe in establishing long term relationship with our clients ensuring high standards of cuisine and customer service. Tempt your taste buds further with something from our vast Thai menu. Our accomplished Executive chef prepares authentic and original dishes from the diverse region of Thailand. Using “Seasons of the Far East” as his inspiration, each dish is prepared with attention to detail and personal pride BOLAN uses a mixture of trend and tradition to influence the decor throughout the bar and the dining areas.

Our Menus

BOLAN proudly presents you the world of an authentic Thai cuisine which tastes remarkably similar to the flavours that we enjoy in Thailand. Among a list of vital ingredients and herbs we blend, such as lemon grass, fish sauce, coconut milk, galangal, garlic, chilli, and sweet basil, we must ensure that every single ingredient is very fresh, high quality and well-selected. In other words, we are very picky about the source of our food products. This is just because we have to make sure our customers appreciate one of the most distinctive tastes that they can ever find outside Thailand. In addition to the ingredients that we mix together, our chefs put their heart and soul in every dish they make too. These are considered the most essential elements of our secret recipes to bring out the exquisite flavours to your dish. Consequently, you will enjoy our freshly prepared and homemade food specially made just for you to let feel the real flavours from the first sip of your soup to the last bit of your bite.